Dr. Taha KOUZI

HIS Founder & Governing Council’s President

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Dr. Taha Kouzi

HIS Founder, Governing Council's President

University has become (in some academic aspects) alienated from real life, numb and rarely responds to society’s current issues and urgent matters. By time, the university has become a hollow entity that begs for resuscitation and to be revived in order to reclaim its initial position at the centre of social life, and it makes it a centre of gravity that sets the rhythm for the school, factory, start-ups, mosques, and the concepts of management, urbanization, and manufacturing.

After completing the construction of the private university “Higher Institute of Sciences“, it is time for us to demolish those barriers that isolate the university from reality, to knock down the walls that suffocate and surround it, so that academia will restore its sense and value, and respond to the concerns of society, the needs of the factory, the problems of education, the questions of the jurist and the legislator

The private university “Higher Institute of Sciences” was a long aspired idea then levelled into a vision, and this seed became a seedling that soon took roots and leaves. And what’s for sure, this university is the offspring of its environment in history and geography, civilization and thought. And it is an integral part of its homeland in good and bad times, secretly and publicly, in Fertility and fruitfulness, in strength and weakness…

The “Higher Institute of Sciences” bet solely on human capital in order to achieve its goals and strategies as that’s our country’s richness, and it is seeking earnestly to establish a “knowledge community” hoping that it will encompass diligent students, dedicated professors, interactive parents, and dynamic management that is immune to the ills of bureaucracy.

We truly wish that by the time of the university’s strategic vision in the year 2036, a generation of a different horizon and quality training, high in morals and clarity, capable of providing an added value to their society and homeland will rise. And whatever outcome our graduated student will be; a productive employee, or a creative researcher, or patents possessing innovator, or an originator of productive start-ups. Our utmost hope is for them to be at the front row in constructing and raising their country, fortifying and securing their homeland, and raising the gross domestic product of “ideas”, “initiatives”, “economic production” and “educational action” … As well as hoping one day we pass the university’s managing mission to this generation to achieve what we could not do…

Until that desired day, and out of an honest advice, I tell them that “stardom” in football, for instance, does not make a brilliant team. Rather, “stardom” may be destructive when it agitates the narrow selfishness of its beholder… and we have to be certain that we will prevail all together. And our country and nation will thrive once we triumph over our personal greed, and our individual or collective ego…