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Message of the founder of HIS and the chairman of the board

The private university, ‘Higher Institute of Sciences,’ is not just an institution; it is an evolving idea and perspective that has become a reality. Rooted in its local environment in terms of history, geography, civilization, and thought, it is an integral part of its homeland and stands ready to support it through thick and thin, both publicly and privately.

HIS university relies on the abundant human capital of our country, Algeria, to achieve its goals and implement its strategies. It aspires to create a ‘knowledge society,’ envisioning it as a unique pearl necklace, where the pearls represent diligent students, experienced and dedicated professors, committed parents, and an efficient and dynamic administration—all fully immunized against bureaucracy.

The university has crafted a strategic vision with the goal of cultivating, by the dawn of 2036, a generation characterized by high morality, openness to broader horizons, specialized training, and the ability to contribute value to both society and homeland.
The university administration aspires to pass the torch of university leadership to this generation, succeeding where we may have fallen short

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