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Career Readiness Department

The objective of this department is to prioritize the professional career preparation of HIS students. As a continuous process throughout their education, career preparation aims to educate and support students in exploring various careers and opportunities while helping them better understand themselves.

We are confident that providing valuable experiences to all students, accompanied by high-quality professional services and advanced technologies through workshops, will make them more effective in the careers they choose

Academic Guidance

Through academic guidance, the department aims to nurture students’ minds by providing in-depth knowledge and concrete support throughout their academic journey, including :

Establishing links between the student’s vision and the reality of their tasks in various fields
Guiding students toward effective methods and successful strategies for course preparation and review.
Preparing final-year students for their defenses by accompanying them methodically and mentally.

Professional Integration

The department works through professional integration to create a link between the student and what awaits them in their professional life in terms of challenges and developments by:

Developing skills to facilitate professional integration before and after obtaining the degree.
Diversifying activities and events that broaden perspectives on the opportunities offered by their specialty.
Working on the development and stimulation of initiative and leadership to prepare their personality for professional life.

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