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HIS University

HIS University, also known as the ‘Higher Institute of Sciences,’ was founded in 2019. It stands as the first private multidisciplinary university in Algeria, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the number 1951 since November 26, 2019.

HIS University offers a diverse range of programs, including seven specialties at the bachelor’s level and four at the master’s level, covering various fields. Furthermore, the university has forged national and international partnerships to enhance its academic offerings.

HIS University also has a continuing education center and a center dedicated to languages and international exams. These two entities are specifically designed to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the job market, both in Algeria and worldwide.

Dr. Taha KOUZI

Founder of HIS and the chairman of the board

The private university, ‘Higher Institute of Sciences,’ is not just an institution; it is an evolving idea and perspective that has become a reality. Rooted in its local environment in terms of history, geography, civilization, and thought, it is an integral part of its homeland and stands ready to support it through thick and thin, both publicly and privately.

Notre Vision

Academic excellence

Professional readiness

Spirit of innovation

Volunteerism and social responsibility

Notre Mission

Pursuit of academic excellence and pedagogical development

Providing students with the necessary skills to succeed in the professional world and manage their careers.

Transforming the university into a center of innovation by fostering the realization of innovative and feasible ideas, projects, and studies.

Developing responsible and ethical leaders.

Integration of technology in teaching and research

Promoting international mobility and cultural connections

Campus tour

We invite you to explore our vibrant campus, where our orientation team eagerly awaits your arrival. They are ready to welcome you, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a comprehensive tour of the campus, introducing you to our facilities, staff, students, and university life.

Take the opportunity to meet our dedicated team and inquire about our graduate programs to determine the best fit for you.

Explore our classrooms

Step into our dynamic classrooms that foster an environment conducive to intellectual engagement. Equipped with advanced technologies, these spaces promote interactive teaching methods, stimulating our students. Guided by expert instructors, our students are encouraged to develop critical thinking and apply their knowledge concretely, ensuring an enriching and dynamic learning experience.

Discover our conference room

Explore our spacious conference room, equipped with the necessary materials, where students can study, plan, and organize both internal and external events.

Our student spaces

Dedicated open spaces are provided for our students, offering areas to relax, study, eat, organize activities, and meet with peers.

Visit our library

Our library offers a variety of services to enhance students’ experiences, including an area with diverse resources such as books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Additionally, independent and collaborative learning spaces are available for study sessions or group projects, allowing students to gather with their colleagues.

HIS Alumni

Amira Himrane

Licence en Droit - Droit Public - Promo 2022

Academic Advisor

EF Education First

Mohammed Ben Addoun

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science International Relations - Promo 2022

Secretariat to the Administration

HIS University

Mohammed Bouras

Bachelor's Degree in Economic Sciences Promo 2023

Sales Responsible



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