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Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Business Management

The specialization in economic sciences – economics and business management – is primarily based on the mechanisms of work in both types of economies: macro and micro, in addition to the interactions that occur between specialists and economic agents.

It allows our university graduates to quickly integrate into the professional world with the possibility of teaching in academic institutions, thanks to the knowledge acquired during the training.

This training, within the framework of the LMD certificate, also enables students to acquire important theoretical knowledge through two main aspects:

  1. The first aspect: “economics and management of institutions,” which is one of the main current topics, especially in countries that heavily rely on economic institutions for the economic battle imposed by globalization. Every student in economic sciences must know the tools of specialization to study and analyze the reality of economic institutions.


  1. The second aspect aims to develop the individual capacities of the student to:

   – Assimilate and apply certain economic and administrative concepts in the field of economics and business management.

   – Adapt to the requirements of the job market.

   – Increase knowledge in management and economics.

   – Pay more attention to linking pedagogical and theoretical aspects to the practical aspect.

Program Structure

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Admission Requirements

The bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management is open to applicants holding a baccalaureate (or its equivalent for international students) in one of the following fields: Experimental Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Mathematics, Economics and Management.


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Study Language

Arabic & French

Mandatory and optional internships

Full time

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